She was born in İzmir. Her initial piano instructions were provided by Erdoğan Okyay. She started Ankara State Conservatory piano division at age 8 and became a student of Prof. Ayşe SAVAŞIR. She moved up to a higher grade during the 1982 / 1983 school year and graduated at this higher level receiving excellent grades. She first studied with Prof. B. Ebert at the Hannover Music Academy and later concluded her education at Cologne and Detmold Academies under the tutelage of Prof. G. Ludwig and W. Kassebaum and received her diploma in maturity in art (Master) in 1990. She participated in Chamber Music studies with Amadeus Quartet and received her Chamber Music diploma from Cologne Higher Music Academy. She attended summer courses of Prof. G. Ludwig, Dr. Jürgen Uhde and Prof. Renate Kreitschmar. The artist who gave her first concert at age 16 with izmir State Symphony Orchestra, gave concerts in various cities in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France and Russian Federation in addition to domestic concerts. Up until now in Turkey, she has performed in concerts with the Presidential Symphony Orchestra, İstanbul, İzmir, Adana, Bursa State Symphony Orchestras, Eskişehir Municipal Symphony Orchestra and Orkestra Akademik Başkent and has also attended ODTÜ Art Festival, Sevda CENAP And Music Festival, Bodrum International Art Days, 1st Cyprus Lefke International Music Festival and Munster Black Sea Countries Festival. Her concerts with Cologne Symphony Orchestra and KVB Orchestra have been broadcasted on Belgian TV and WDR. Among the halls she has given concert and recitals are Berlin Philharmonic grand Hall-ST Petersburg Philharmonic Hall-Cologne-Maternus-Haus-Hannover Congress center (Beethoven Saal)-Steinway Saal-Gelsenkirchen Schloss Horst-Kolvenburg-Billerbeck-Herne Culture Center-Detmold Sommer Theater-Detmold Neue Aula-Hamburg Music Hall Kammermusiksaal. She has been the first to perform the famous German composer Gieselher Klebe’s piece for San-Piano and chamber orchestra accompanied by Detmold Chamber Orchestra in September 2003. The artist has made a CD of M. Ravel in G Major Piano concerto accompanied by St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra. In addition, she has a 2. CD which includes pieces by Adnan Saygun Muammar Sun’s for violin piano and pieces by Alberto Ginastera. Her 3. CD with the heading “Türk Piyano Ezgileri” has brought together İlhan Baran’s Siyah and Beyaz, İstemihan Taviloğlu’s 3 prelude’s (E) first recording and A. Saygun Sonatin and U.C. Erkin’s Duyuşları. She has worked with many foreign and Turkish conductors and has included many Turkish pieces in her repertoire and realized radio and television recordings until today. Gökalp is currently a soloist artist of İzmir State Symphony Orchestra and continues her studies with the renowned pedagogue Prof. Dr. Renate Kreitschmar. The artist has taken part in the European Musicians competition (Internationale TIM Klavier Wetbewerb) in January 2000 and earned a commendation (Auszeihnung). She has performed the premiere of composer Yiğit Aydın’s piece dedicated to himself, named (ANDERS) composed for piano and chamber orchestra, conducted by Eckhard Fischer in the company of Detmold Chamber Music at the Sevda Cenap and music festival scheduled in April 2000. At the same time, she has voiced Yiğit Aydın’s piano piece and İlhan Baran’s Siyah ve Beyaz for the first time in Germany at the recital she has given at Münsterland Black Sea Countries Festival with the participation of 7 countries where she has represented our country on 17 November 2005. Later, she has performed the Germany premiere of Yiğit Aydın’s piece named (Anders) in the company of Detmold Chamber Orchestra on 28.06.2006. And last, she has given a recital at Istanbul Koç University and got invited for a concert in the grand hall of Berlin Philharmonic, to be accompanied by Symphony Orchestra in Berlin for 6 May 2007. Following that, she has given a recital at the Zurich St. Peters Church. Following her 4th CD, Children’s Pieces in June 2008, she has been presented with an award by ANAÇEV (Anadolu Çağdaş Eğitim Vakfı) at the A. Adnan Saygun night accompanied by Eskişehir Anadolu Üniversity Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Burak Tüzün at Ankara CSO Hall on 17 December 2008 for supporting education because of the aid concerts she has performed until now.